The Event


We will require a member of each four-ball to be at the registration table 40mins before tee-off to account for their golfing apparel and sign-off for their fourball.

First fourball tee off times: 10h00 off both nines (8min intervals) each four-ball official tee-off time will be sent to you via your via email and to your team captain.

Included in the price of R990 per person – R3960 per Fourball:

– Randpark Golf Club Green Fees for the Fourball

– Golf Carts – 2 X Carts per Fourball – limited to 58 carts, first come first serve.

– A Branded Custom Apparel quality golf shirt and golf peak with Headline Sponsor (Quest Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Consultants) & Sithanda

– Post Sithanda Golf Day evening function with dinner included

– Complimentary driving range balls

– The event is limited to 144 players (36 fourballs)

– Competition: 4-Ball Alliance – (2 highest scores to count on each hole per Fourball)

– Longest drive competitions – prizes available

– Nearest to the pin competitions – prizes available

– If there is a specific request for a spotter/caddy, they will be available on the day. This will be for the players account and arranged by the player on the day.

– Halfway house is for the player’s account.

– A number of sponsors will be positioned throughout the course on the day with a multitude of assorted refreshments/snacks for the players.

– Please bring CASH for activations on the course.

The Beneficiary:

Sithanda Upliftment Projects have implemented and are operating a successful Early Childhood Development Education Centre. The facility is named “Ekuthuleni – A Place of Peace” and is situated in the Kwa-Mashu township in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Ekuthuleni facility provides a loving environment to 40-60 young children at any point in time, who previously did not have any access to any education or the correct nutrition required in the critical stages of early childhood development.

We have received many blessings of support from partner organisations, which allow Sithanda to reduce costs and provide an all-inclusive solution to each child. Our focus is to ensure that this facility continues to operate sustainably in serving our beneficiaries.

A formal “vegetable garden” is where all monetary fundraising efforts will go this year.

The Igardi Project

Provides an effective means of growing, harvesting and managing a sustainable vegetable garden. They are self-contained raised beds with built-in reservoirs that supply water from the bottom up ensuring minimal maintenance by only requiring watering every 2 weeks and achieving a massive water saving of up to 70% annually. Iagrdi will also provide a meal plan to Sithanda’s ECD and help manage the educational element of implementing this regime. Igardi works with Sithanda on a well-articulated planting chart and harvest requirements; this includes information regarding the yield, duration, storage and measurements. Igardi assists with the veggie garden materials, rollout plans and objectives, educational workshops with the ECD and ongoing support.

Our dream is to reach many young children through the effective management of a sustainable working vegetable garden.

Sithanda’s Participation in the event:

Aim: Through multiple forms of corporate/individual sponsorship, as well as participation we are hoping to raise in the region of R80 000 that will be utilised toward this sustainable vegetable garden. This will enable us to put as many children as possible on a healthy diet regime and educate them through the process. Currently we have 40 children attending Ekuthuleni. This is a fundamental step in changing their lives and brightening their futures. Not only feeding but also the possibility where there is excess to sell back to the community of Ekuthuleni and provide a sustainable source of income for the school to cover operational expenses.

Our Target:

– To fill all 30 fourball entries.

– To host a great golf day with a number of sponsors on and around the course.

– Auction and raffle numerous products/services donated during the evening.

– Help raise R80 000 for continued growth in education and sustainable initiatives.

– Similarly to have a fun day out, build friendships and raise awareness around Early Childhood Development


– There are numerous holes on the course that lend themselves to Sponsorship and advertising/marketing opportunities. From competitions to advertising material, we will make arrangements to accommodate. The demographic on the day will be a broad array of corporates, friends and likeminded individuals.

– Any prizes/gifts that can be discounted or donated to the golf day that we can then auction/raffle off to raise further funds would be greatly appreciated. Encouraging weekends away, whiskey hampers, meat hampers, TV and sound systems, possibly Schalk Burgers Handkerchief from the 2007 World Cup, anything that Sithanda can auction/raffle will be appropriate and appreciated.

– Ultimately, Sithanda are flexible as to the type of sponsorship and all considerations/proposals are welcome, all in the name of Ekuthuleni ECD and education.

Get creative and use this Sithanda initiative to sponsor a hole, location or item of your choice.


Secured by Quest Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Consultants

Full sponsorship secured and will be in partnership with Quest Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Consultants as the Sithanda Golf Day headline sponsor.


Infinity Magnetic Golf Cap

Infinity Magnetic Golf Cap



Section 2:

All sponsorships mentioned in section 2 below – will be accompanied by a section 18A tax-deductible certificate upon request for the fundraising fee.

The flagship holes:

Longest drive and Nearest to the pin holes will require a prize, to be provided by the chosen hole Sponsor.

  • Longest drive competitions not limited to: Par 5’s – Holes 2, 4, 12 and 14.
  • Nearest to the pin competitions not limited to: Par 3’s – Holes 5, 8, 15 and 17.

Randpark Firethorn holes:

Sponsorship Opportunity: Marketing Fee: Fundraising Fee: Total requirement:
1st – Par 4 – Popular, close to Club House  R              200.00  R                2,400.00  R               2,600.00
2nd – Par 5 – Longest Drive  R              200.00  R                1,900.00  R               2,100.00
3rd – Par 4  R              200.00  R                1,100.00  R               1,300.00
4th – Par 5 – Longest Drive  R              200.00  R                1,900.00  R               2,100.00
5th – Par 3  R              200.00  R                1,900.00  R               2,100.00
6th – Par 4  R              200.00  R                1,100.00  R               1,300.00
7th – Par 4  R              200.00  R                1,100.00  R               1,300.00
8th – Par 3  R              200.00  R                1,900.00  R               2,100.00
9th – Par 4  R              200.00  R                1,100.00  R               1,300.00
10th – Par 4 – Popular, close to Club House  R              200.00  R                2,400.00  R               2,600.00
11th – Par 4  R              200.00  R                1,100.00  R               1,300.00
12th – Par 5 – Longest Drive  R              200.00  R                1,900.00  R               2,100.00
13th – Par 4 – Toilets at Green available  R              200.00  R                1,800.00  R               2,000.00
14th – Par 5 – Longest Drive  R              200.00  R                1,900.00  R               2,100.00
15th – Par 3  R              200.00  R                1,900.00  R               2,100.00
16th – Par 4  R              200.00  R                1,100.00  R               1,300.00
17th – Par 3 – Closest to Pin  R              200.00  R                1,900.00  R               2,100.00
18th – Par 4  R              200.00  R                1,100.00  R               1,300.00
Club House dinner function room  R              200.00  R                5,700.00  R               5,900.00
Half-way house  R              200.00  R                2,400.00  R               2,600.00
Practice green  R              200.00  R                3,500.00  R               3,700.00
Driving range (including balls)  R              200.00  R                2,200.00  R               2,400.00


Section 3:

All sponsorships mentioned in section 3 below – will be accompanied by a section 18A tax-deductible certificate upon request.

Sithanda are also looking for any prizes that can be donated for the auction at the evening event to help raise funds: hampers, weekend getaways, heli-flips, racetrack days and any donations that can be monetarised by Sithanda during the evening. During which time we will give exposure to the corporates or individuals that are kind enough to make a donation or gifting towards the cause as well as sponsors from section 2. Please could you provide your marketing content along with any your item that you would like to be shown on the slideshow including company logos etc.


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