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In September 2015, three close friends sat down to enjoy a quality cup of coffee. As young men determined to do something bigger than themselves and with a sincere appreciation for their blessed up-bringing and quality of life, the decision was made to face the deep convictions within to create a suitable means of giving back to those less fortunate.

It was ultimately this very first coffee conversation that leads to the birth of Sithanda Upliftment Projects. It was at this point that the lives of the co-founders and friends; Gareth, Ryan and Nic were set to be changed forever.

We believe that all humans are intrinsically born good. Combined with the view that there is a significant opportunity for society to influence large-scale positive change – despite age, gender, economic status or racial difference – has to lead to the belief that together we hold the power and responsibility to be the change we wish to see in the world. In doing so we have the ability to influence society, one good deed at a time.

This shared focus to live boldly and to lead with love in all that we attempt, allowed for the appropriate naming of Sithanda Upliftment Projects.

The word Sithanda means “we love” in Zulu.

In June 2016, we were exposed to the heart-breaking condition of Early Childhood Development (ECD) education in the Kwamashu Valley of Kwazulu-Natal.

Our hearts were challenged deeply by the fact that children do not have access to the correct education as a basic human right. These young children thus do not receive the stimulation and opportunity for critical development required to allow them to reach their full potential, which greatly diminishes their ability to perform in the schooling system.

As an organisation, we identified the serious lack of funding and support provided towards ECD education in underprivileged communities. This meant that we immediately made it our core focus to provide a sustainable and impactful solution to the problem facing ECD education in our country.

Driven by faith, compassion and collaboration, our mission is to unlock childhood discovery through the provision of sustainable ECD ecosystems that not only uplift the less fortunate youth but entire communities as well.

Sithanda Upliftment Projects is a Non-Profit organisation that successfully provides a platform which allows all people to come together and make a lasting difference.

Together, we can!


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